Wow, oh Wow, oh Wow!


I’ve just finished “Taking the World by Storm”.

What a book, what a story, what a writer. I can’t think of enough superlatives to describe this story. It brings to life everything a race car fan has wondered about. “What’s it like to be a part of a team at Le Mans?”, “How does a small team actually function in times of stress?”, “What was it really like to work for Lawrence Pearce?”

If you’ve ever been to Le Mans or even you’ve only watched it on TV or listened to it on RadioLeMans, buy this book. You’ll love it. Now I need to read it again at a slower pace!

Gareth Howell

I’ve read it and it’s excellent. Highly recommended.

Andy Lloyd

I loved it, top marks Malcolm Cracknell!

Mike Youles

It is very much a good read, get yourself a copy. Am looking forward to the follow up.

Jason Gore

An “amen” here to the review at the link. If you’re a fan of sports car racing, this is a read you will thoroughly enjoy.

Tom Kjos

Awesome! Read in record time … Can’t wait for the sequel, where Laser Strike build a hypercar for Le Mans 2021!

Ian Keyworth