Krusing the Storm


After finishing the book (within one week, but I should have done much earlier!) I just want to give some feedback!

WHAT A GREAT BOOK! It was so much fun to read, and so exciting as it built up page to page!

There are two personal links I’d like to share …

When Allan (Simonsen) drove for us in 2008, he asked me to put a sticker on our car. It was an obvious no-brainer, as he told me he would like to see it on the car very much because it was “for a good friend”. To be honest, at the time I didn’t know about Malcolm, but it was a pleasure. Also, when our race was not good (you remember our massive quadruple-flip on the Wednesday?*) I know by his mate Jon Hart (whom I am still in contact with) that he had a good time in our LMP2 … and he was just so fast and safe … great memories.

The other thing which is funny is the link to Laurence Pearce …

At the Silverstone LMS in 2005 some may remember that it was raining cats & dogs. After an hour and a half, Patrick Peter asked all the team managers for our opinion, whether we wanted to stop the race, but only if there was a 100% decision. We were just leading the class (Vergie at the wheel), 4th overall, but I kept neutral in my decision, but it was Laurence who was the only one who wanted to continue … tough guy!

Again, great book which brings back a lot of good memories! Wouldn’t say no to another one! 😉

Kai Kruse, November 2019

* Hideki Noda had a massive accident in the #44 Kruse Schiller Lola , getting wildly sideways at the Dunlop Chicane.  The car flipped several times, became briefly airborne, and rolled to a halt … where Noda clambered unsteadily from the cockpit, but mercifully walked away almost unscathed. The team worked through the night … for several nights … to get the car fettled for the race.

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